Features of precision filter

Author:FYFILTER Time:2013-08-13

Features of precision filter
1, precision filter permeability:
Hydrophobic filter used by the U.S. oleophobic fiber filter, while using the same time through the resistance of high strength frame, reducing resistance caused by crossing.
2, precision filter efficiency:
Germany uses a fine filter openings sponge, can effectively prevent water being entrained high-speed airflow, making crossing down tiny droplets gather to filter sponge bottom, side by side to the bottom of the filter container.
3, precision filter tightness:
The combination of the filter and the filter housing with a reliable seal point, to ensure that airflow is not shorted to prevent impurities without the filter directly into the downstream.
4, precision filter corrosion resistance:
Filter with anti-corrosion and corrosion-reinforced nylon filter cap skeleton that can be used in harsh conditions.

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