atlas copco compressor air filter 2903101200

Product description:

1.Filtering precision:5-10 Micron.

2.Filtration efficiency:98 %.

3.Service life is approximately: 2000h.

4.Filter element of air filter is made by the pure wood pulp, which imported from HV&Ahistrom company.

5.Filter element is made by imported pure wood pulp fiter peper . haze air oil mixture in compressed air would be almost 

filtered completed when go through the filter element.

6.The quality of lubricant and environment have great influence on filter separator ,service life of air filter element is 

approximately 2000h.

Product description:

1. Precision: 5-10μm
2. Efficiency: 98%
3. Service life: 2000h
4.Material: pure wood pulp filter paper

Quality system :

1. Our factory has perfect inner quality inpsection system for each procedure,
and QC operators check each production procedure .We make sure that the 
parts are qualified flowing into the next producdure .

2.Finished products test in lab as OEM standard and national standard .

3. Passed ISO9001-2000 certification

Determination of test criteria:

(1) the ISO 2942 Hydraulic fluid power - Filter elements - structural integrity of the

(2) ISO 16889 hydraulic transmission - filter - Determination of filtration characteristics
the multiple pass method

(3) ISO 3968 Hydraulic Transmission - Filters - Determination of flow characteristics

(4) ISO 3724 Hydraulic Transmission - Filter elements - Determination of flow fatigue


(5) ISO 3723 Hydraulic Transmission - filter - axial load test methods

(6) ISO 2943 Hydraulic Transmission - Filter elements - material compatibility with
fluids of 

(7) ISO 2941 Hydraulic Transmission - filter - burst resistance verification

1.Metallurgy: used in hydraulic system of rolling mill, caster filter and various kinds of lubrication of filtering.
2.Petrochemicals: oil refining, chemical production process of products. 
3.Textile: polyester melt in the purification and drawing process even filter, air compressor protection filtering.
4.Electronic and pharmaceutical: reverse osmosis water, deionized water to treatment filter and wash the liquid 
and glucose former treatment filter. 
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